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Lebanon Cedars

Lebanon Cedars Nig. Enterprises is a company registered in Nigeria to carry on the business of Furniture Manufacturing, distribution and sales. Lebanon Cedars is also involved in interior decoration and design. The Company is also involved in the importation and exportation of tastefully furnished home and office furniture.

Our Mission

To develop range of products that will be the pride of
every home and office at affordable prices

Core Value

Our values serve as a compass for our actions. They are the foundation of our company, they define who we are and set us apart from the competition. They underlie our vision of the future, our relationship with our customers, business strategies, and our decisions and behavior

Integrity: Our word is our bond
Innovation: Introduce new and better ideas
Customer Orientation: Our customers’ satisfaction is our pleasure
Responsiveness: Empathically relate with clients
Passion: Committed in heart and mind.

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Our Solution

Lebanon Cedars is established to proffer solutions to the myriad of problems encountered by consumers of furniture products and to provide variety of products that meets and surpass international standard with local content. A close look at the Nigerian Furniture Industry today will show the fact that 80% of the products are imported from other countries. These are manufactured to satisfy the generic needs, taste and culture of the citizens in these countries
without putting into consideration the specificity of needs and culture of a particular user .

At Lebanon Cedars, we manufacture our products with the needs, taste and culture of our individual customers in mind. We pay full attention to details and ensure we give our customers a wow! experience.

The industry is also beset with ridiculous selling prices which in turn eat deep into the purse of furniture user sand thereby reducing the profitability and disposable income of the customers.

Lebanon Cedars seeks to give higher value to our customers at the lowest marginal cost through constant research and by bench marking ourselves against industry best practice


Lebanon Cedars provides a variety of products and services to our customers. These products are designed according to the specification of our customers and ensure robustness and durability so that the products can stand the test of time.

We source and blend to your taste the best of local and imported materials to provide you with products that meet international standard at affordable prices. Our customers are encouraged to tell us their ideas and we help bring them to reality

Our team

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Tope Farotika


Kieran Merritt

Company Secretary