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Types of Doors For Your Home and Office

Doors are our security access and quite a very important piece in any building because it allows you sleep at night knowing that not everyone is able to get access to your building except you let them.

In the furniture world, Doors are classified based on different features such as Location which could either be interior doors or exterior doors. It can also be classified based on the materials used to make it e.g. wood, glass, PVC etc.

Tips For Choosing Your Kitchen Furniture

A home without a kitchen is just like a body without any organs. Who doesn’t like food? Lebanon Cedars has come to realize in the process of working with their clients that while most people have a clear vision of how they want their kitchens to be.

Quite a number of people still cannot conclude or even know what they want in their kitchens and how to choose the type of kitchen their budgets can carry and go for any material that is introduced without considering the durability and the amount of convenience the materials would give.

20 Types of Kitchen Cabinet Where Magic Happens

The kitchen they say, is where the magic happens. It is one of the most important rooms in the house because that’s where important decisions on what goes into your belly takes.

It can also be the most dangerous place in the house because of the items that are found there e.g. your knives, your stove, the oven, your gas cooker and many more.