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What’s your Interior Design dream home like? Have you ever just sat down and imagined how your perfect home would be?

Many at times in that imagination we concentrate more on how the inside would look like more than the view of the outside as long as it looks big, because the inside has the feel of what the home should be like.

You could even imagine your kids running around and your wife coming with deliciously baked cookies or your husband reading night tales to the kids in your mildly lit living room.

Then sometimes you imagine a glass house by the beach and other times you imagine it’s a traditional setting. Even in your thoughts you cannot decide which one you want. You are not alone in this dream, because everyone has had them at one time of their lives or the other.

We are here to share this dream with you and help bring it to reality. When acquiring a home what are the first things that comes to your mind? For me,

 It will be the size of the house and the look. They say, looks is everything. Our home is a show of our individual personalities. Whether the interior design is on low or high budget. It still speaks a volume of who we are even to the last detail.

Interior design is the combination of seven decoration elements that gives beauty to a space. In interior design, there are 7 elements of interior design which are paramount to choosing the type of theme to use

  1. Lighting: this is one of the element that cannot be ignored because it gives significance to the other elements
  2. Line: this is the shape, looking at it from horizontal to vertical and vice versa.
  3. Space: when you think of the space of the house, you think about the width, size, boundaries and limits. Each area within the house is specifically built for a purpose and is determined by size. For example, the toilet cannot be bigger than the bedroom because the toilet holds less activities than the bedroom.
  4. Forms: another word for this is style
  5. Colour: this is the beauty of any design. Take away colour from anything then you have a boring look
  6. Texture: here you are looking at the appearance.
  7. Pattern: this is the element that tells the story you’re trying to portray


Some people like to go after themed designs where they get to have their home look like something to like. For example we have people that like angel white themes for their homes.

In this case, the entire house, its designs and everything in it is pure white. The only thing that could possibly stand out is the skin colour, while others will prefer to go for music themed designs where everything in the house speaks music.

While some could go for art themes. Regardless of the theme you like, there are countless others to explore from too.

We would be taking 3 most popular designs which are very popular in African homes (Traditional design, Modern design, and contemporary design) and 17 other uncommon types which are foreign styles.


This is the most popular interior design because it makes people have the feel of the good old days. The culture, the uniqueness. Every single detail is designed to make the interior look traditional
FURNITURE: old design furniture, preferably wood materials


This is the most common type of design we have out there. It’s called modern because everything you find in them are advanced settings. Most of them have leather sofas, glass centre tables and highly advanced decoration.

It is designed according to whatever theme the owner desires. But what makes it difference is the advancement in accessories. Many of the wall designs never come in wall papers, but rather tiles or paints but the floor is 100% tiled.


The word contemporary means TIMELESS. It is never affected by the change in time but filled with sophistication
FURNITURES: a mixture of the blend of modern and traditional.


The minimalists do not make use of all the spaces in their homes. They need few items to make it feel like home. It has a feel of modern design but is spacious because of how light the accessories and furniture are.

Some of them possess leather sofas, while some prefer cotton sofa covers.


Even though transition may mean, change or moving from one place to the other. Transitional design is the mixture of traditional and modern elements of interior design.

One is always more than the other depending on how you want it. You might like more of traditional and little of the modern and sometimes might prefer more of the modern.


it is often described as a design with all the natural elements with simplicity. Wood is mostly used in the setting. It has an outdoor feel and rustic designs.

Sometimes you find somethings as simple as little rocks, pebbles or metals for accessories. There is nothing fancy even to the furniture where you could have rocking chairs, wooden sofas not fully-covered leather.


This is not a popular African design but if you are a lover of the Mediterranean borders like Spain, Italy or south Greece, then this is perfect for your home.


This is one of the simplest designs we have in interior designing. It is the best for small spaces and accommodates small furniture. It is another form of the minimalist but accommodates all other forms of designs from country to farm house.

If you are considering of going for this then every furniture you choose should complement the space.


It is almost alike with the nautical design. It is clutter free. When you want to consider colour for this type of design, gold is perfect with a ton of white and a touch of blue. The difference is the space.

The coastal design makes use of a smaller space compared to the nautical designed spaces. A cool furniture is used to compliment this setting.


Everything in this design is priceless. It’s a mixture of art, traditional and eclectic design. Some of the accessories that are used for the design are bought at auctions, while some are passed on through generations.

The fact that they have a story behind them makes them a perfect piece to compliment the vintage look you desire. Everything in this design has a story behind it. This is what makes it special. We have vintage chandelier, furniture and paintings.


It’s a cozy minimal decor. It is not always as busy as the others because you just need few items to achieve this look.


It can be compared to an urban modernized setting. There you find a rugged wood, tiled or wooden floor, mix of metals, light colour and modernized accessories.


It is a multi-cultural melange of memorable layers with cool colours. It contains bright pattern accessories. The word bohemian means unconventional.

This can be achieved with a very large space because of the kind of furniture it require.


This design dates back to the late 1940s. It is defined by its old and modern style but it is mostly used in foreign homes. People do not really go for this look because it is not as timeless as the contemporary look, and it is not as cultural as the traditional look.


The name often confuses people as they think it has to do with industrial materials. The name came from its urban look. It usually is perfect for large spaces.


The word eclectic design means it’s a design that comprises of several heterogeneous elements. It captures trend, styles, colours and texture. While some may feel that it could be too busy.


Have you ever admired the life of a farmer and want to have a feel of it with a touch of modernization then this is it and there is no other furniture that compliments this look like the rustic/wooden furniture. It has a farmhouse look but with a little touch of modernization.


Modern country interior design is inspired by the foreign country home design but has a touch of modernized accessories for decoration..0 For this kind of look, you have to go for light colours.

Having light colors helps decorating much more easy, especially if it’s white and cream. You could spice it up with other very light colours (yellow, mint green and red).

You could add a touch of pattern to the chair designs e.g. stripes or tiny dot, floral patterns. In many foreign homes, they would go for fire place but since most Nigerian home do not have a fireplace, designs will give it the perfect touch of the country.


Some people are just so in love with carvings, drawings and paintings that they’d have it incorporated into their dream homes. This type of design where everything makes a statement, showing off patterns, colours and shapes. Sometimes, it’s a blend of traditional and modern.

There is no specific colour rule here. Because it is art, you can play with colours. All you need to have in mind is that it’s necessary to go after what speaks to you.

Asides the art frames, wooden furniture such as your wooden sofas, tables, bed frames etc. are the best to go for if you are considering the carvings and art statements.

FURNITURE: neatly carved art piece signature look. The carvings have to make a statement, Some could have cupboards designed with artworks.
ACCESSORIES: paintings, picture frames and figurines.


This is a beach inspired theme. Your house doesn’t have to be situated on the beach for you to experience the feel of beach interior designs. You don’t have to go buying everything with a shark on it or even sea shells.

The most important elements are your colours, patterns and textures. So when deciding on colours for this particular setting, you don’t want to go for anything dark or too dark.

The two most important colours that should have loads of dominance is white and blue. You could have white or cream colours for your furniture which gives the sand feel.

Your bed designs could be between canopy frames to bring in the outdoor into your home, rustic or wooden bed frames. For your centre tables, wooden tables are just the best to complement the beach feeling on a blue soft rug.

You’d want to consider the coastal inspired sofa or striped sofas with light blue throw pillow. Your chest of drawers, desk and dining table would just blend in with a Rustic design. Aren’t you just craving for a beach home already
FURNITURE: the best choice is your wood and Rustic designs

The fear for an interior designer over-charges are one of the problems we usually face in interior design decision making but the good thing is Lebanon Cedars Furniture could work with what you have imagined and give you the best designs for your home furniture to compliment your designs and still work within budget. All you need is the right people who will help you maximize your vision. So what’s your dream home like?

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